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Magento connect team do not reply


Magento connect team do not reply

I have submitted my Magento 1 extension. It is under technical review since 1 month.I tried to contact via but they did not reply me back.Now what I do ?

Re: Magento connect team do not reply

I have been through the same problem last month. My Magento 1 extension had been in Technical Review for a month so I tried to contact Marketplace Team through contact form. After about 2 or 3 attempts from me, there was still no reply at all.

My extension was just going live a week ago, which is one and a half month since Technical Review (after Technical Review there's a short period of Marketing Review).

So I guess the best we can do is patiently wait.


Re: Magento connect team do not reply

Thanks for reply, yesterday I got mail from Magento team.They told me that your extension has passed automation test and it will takes time because after shutdown website ,there are lots of load so please wait.they suggested that please wait.

Re: Magento connect team do not reply

Hi Manthan and Simicart, 


Thank you for letting us know!  We apologize for the delay in responses.  It looks like both of you have received responses from the marketplace team already this week, but I apologize for the wait! We have been backlogged but will be sure to get your extensions through the process as quickly as possible! 


Thank you so much for your patience and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you!