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Magento indexer

Magento indexer

Hi, I am trying to run the bin/magento indexer:info comand on a Ubuntu 20.04 machine.

however i get the message that magento can not be found, 


Can anyone help, I not sure if a tunnel has to be created or what type of tunnel is needed.



Re: Magento indexer

Hello @aristidessb117 ,

Seems like you are not running from project root folder.
Navigate to your Magento project Folder : cd /PATH-TO-PROJECT-FOLDER/

share screenshots for more details.

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Re: Magento indexer

Magento creates lock files for index in var/locks directory for when it run indexes. This is to avoid running multiple indexes in parallel. However, if there is a fatal error(common during index at times when there is a problem with product attributes etc.) during an indexing process the process aborts while the index locks remain as is causing the front-end to show "processing" as it does in the image you've attached.




kodi nox