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Magento v2 missing orders

Magento v2 missing orders



We are a payment aggregator which integrate Magento v2.4.4-p1 as one of our plugins solutions. Since months ago most of our merchants are experiencing random missing orders in their productive environment. 

They are able to charge payments but suddenly the orders disappear from the Magento panel. The transaction won't cancel but they lose tracking of the order.


I have seen different posts in the forum, but none of them has been solved. Also there are third party solutions developed to solve this issue:


Is this an expected issue? Is there a plan to solve it?



Re: Magento v2 missing orders

Check Magento logs for error messages. Ensure all extensions/plugins are up-to-date and compatible. Keep Magento and components updated with patches. Verify database integrity. Monitor server environment and logs. Check and maintain cron jobs. Review custom code for conflicts. Seek assistance from Magento support and developers. Consider using third-party solutions cautiously and ensure compatibility with your Magento version and environment before implementation.