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Magento vs Magento Commerce for an ecommerce startup

Magento vs Magento Commerce for an ecommerce startup

Hi experts,

I need to launch an e-commerce marketplace using Magento. However, there are some issues that come to mind: -

1) Our business model is C2B2C. A Magento partner suggested Magento Commerce but we found it to be expensive because of the licensing fee and the fact that it is based on the total revenue going through the store. As a marketplace, the margins made are comparatively very less when compared to the total revenue. Does Magento offer a special licensing fee to marketplaces allowing them to pay based on commission rather than the total revenue?

2) Would it be possible to launch with Magento Community and customize it to fill in any gaps with the help of another company that specialises in Magento?

3) How feasible would a micro-services architecture be to develop a marketplace which is scalable and then later on as we grow, we can add more functionalities and sync them with the infrastructure?

Appreciate any help from anyone. Thank you so much!


Re: Magento vs Magento Commerce for an ecommerce startup

You are absolutely right in your approach. Here is my take on your concern.
If you have a big budget, then I will guide you with Magento Commerce, concerning the payment via the commissions and not on the total revenue, I do not think that is possible with Magento but I would recommend you to speak about it with your  account Manager of Adobe.
If you have a rather average budget, I will direct you to the Magento Community which can also meet your needs with some developments/integration of C2B2C module.
On the other hand, concerning a Microservice architecture, the Magento API as well as the containerization with Docker can perfectly meet your needs.

Re: Magento vs Magento Commerce for an ecommerce startup

Thank you for your response and giving your opinion. I really appreciate it.