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New user with some questions

New user with some questions



I'm a new Magento user (since yesterday).

I'm from Belgium, so excuse me for my not so good english.

I am building a webshop.
Placing a product with online payment works but I have some questions:


1) I want to ask extra information from the clients. Not only the standard data they have to give.

2) I want a view of all the clients that bought a product. (This is because my product are workshops and I need to know who will follow the workshop)

3) When I do a test I can buy the product but I don't get an confimation e-mail, while in my back-end I get the notification that the customer recieved a mail.

4) How do I add an administration cost?


I use Magento 1.9.

Thank you for helping me!


Stef Coomans