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On ease of entry to the platform


On ease of entry to the platform

Hi there,


I'm a front-end dev who's brand-spanking new to Magento - just downloaded it to do a local install to mess around with templates and learn what the backend devs are talking about when they say the HTML I'm requesting for my CSS to work well would be difficult to create because of how the custom modules have dependencies etc.


I'm coming from a WordPress background. I just wanted to spin up a local copy of our staging thing and I was surprised I needed to register just to download and was then asked even more info about "my company" -- just to download! What's up with that? I thought Magento community version is free to use? If you're just gathering data on who uses it, then why were those fields all mandatory?


Don't mean to offend anyone - coming in all "this sucks before I even started" is probably not a great way to introduce myself to a community if I want to get a welcoming experience...

Seriously though, I was going to read terms and conditions but when clicking on the link to do so instead of getting there I was faced with a list of links to various ToS etc. and just felt overwhealmed - Did I sign over my soul in the fine print somewhere?


All I want to do at this point is locally test what working with the platform is like. Anything I should be aware of?



Re: On ease of entry to the platform

Hi @julian_sloman,


If you are looking just to test the platform maybe you can try downloading the code from Github.


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