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Pre Parent bundle product.

Pre Parent bundle product.

Hi All 


We have a magento 2 store selling furniture. When people go into a category page such as dining chairs we have multiple configurable and bundle products showing. For some products we have the same bundle/conifg product showing but in multiple colours. The customer then clicks into the product and makes the purchase. However, the issue we have is that on the category page we dont want to show all the same chairs in different colours. We want to show one chair and when the customer clicks this chair it goes to another sub category category page showing all the config/bundle chairs in the different colours and then they click one, go onto the product page and make the purchase.


I guess we need a grand parent product that holds the parent config/bundle products. Does anyone know how this is done? any help would be much appreciated. or maybe there is a module to help us do this?


Many thanks


Re: Pre Parent bundle product.

What you could do is in the main category where you have all these different chaird right now, switch the category's Display Settings ->  Display Mode to Static Block Only to hide all the products.


Then create subcategories for each of those collections under that main category (a subcategory that will hold all the chairs in your example).


Then in the Content section of the parent category create blocks with image of just one of those products and link them to the newly created subcategories. 


This is how it's usually done, but it does require some regular manual maintenance.

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Re: Pre Parent bundle product.



Thank you for the quick reply. The issue we have is that all the chairs being displayed on the category page do not have multiple colours. Only the most popular products. So we only need to do it for around 5 of 20 products within the category page. 


If you go to this page here you will many wishbone chairs in each wood option. What we want is to show just one and then when they click this they see the next category page showing all the wood options and then they select the product to go into and then buy the product. 


The reason why we want a confi/bundle for each of the popular chairs is because it allows us to rank on google for the different combination rather than just the one chair. 


Ideally it would be great. Is there was a Grand Parent, then parent product. Do you know a way to achieve this?


Many Thanks

Re: Pre Parent bundle product.

You will not be able to do exactly what you described without some custom development.

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Re: Pre Parent bundle product.

You can achieve this in Magento 2 by organizing your products using a configurable product as the parent and associating simple products with different colors as its children. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a Configurable Product:

    • Go to the Admin Panel and select "Catalog" > "Products."
    • Click "Add Product" and choose "Configurable Product."
    • Configure your base product and assign it to the desired category.
  2. Create Associated Simple Products:

    • For each color option, create a Simple Product.
    • Assign each Simple Product to the same category as the Configurable Product.
  3. Associate Simple Products with Configurable Product:

    • Edit your Configurable Product.
    • In the "Configurations" tab, add the associated Simple Products as variations (colors in this case).
    • Set different prices and quantities   each variation if needed.
  4. Manage Category Display:

    • In your category pages, display only the Configurable Product, not its associated Simple Products.