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Problems setting up two pricing rules

Problems setting up two pricing rules

Good afternoon
Happy to stay at the forum.
I have a problem creating two price rules, one free shipping from €50 and the other is 50% discount in a category.
The problem is that if the total of the cart is equal to or greater than €50 before the discount is applied, the free shipping is applied, when really, when the discount is applied the total amount will be lower.
Is it a priority problem? Can you help me?



Re: Problems setting up two pricing rules

Hi @telmo_garcía pérez,


Welcome to the community forums.


Since this is your first time askin ginto the forums you'll find this post insteresting: (in particular the guidelines) and if you are not sure about how to use the forum you can read the FAQ:

If you need information related with GDPR, you should check this:

Regarding your question, can you tell us which version of Magento are you using?