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Store notice extension?

Store notice extension?

I would like to add a store and noticed that sits on the top of the website about being closed early for the July 4th weekend.

It would be nice if people could exit out of the banner and even allow me to set dates so that it will automatically turn off.

I feel like magento 1.9nhad a few modules that did this. Looking for 2.3.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Store notice extension?

Hello @sp4519366gede1 ,


please check following extensions that might help you,


Thank You.

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Re: Store notice extension?

Hi @sp4519366gede1 ,


For your requirement, you can use Magento inbuilt feature as well to add a new banner on top of Every page (Only duration restriction will not be there, you need to manually close the banner when you don't need it)


1. Creating a new CMS block in Admin > Content > Blocks with your custom message or link.

2. Associated this block with a new Widget in Admin > Content > Widgets

3. Flush the Magento cache. Refresh the Magento frontend.


Hope This helps you.

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