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Tell me all the downsides of Magento

Tell me all the downsides of Magento

Hello everyone,,

My current company is considering switching to Magento. I obviously have a whole list of pros but, id love to know all of the cons and downsides you’ve found since you started using it or ones you’ve seen if you work as a developer that integrates a program with Magento!



Re: Tell me all the downsides of Magento

Assuming you're looking at the Open Source version of Magento... If you're coming from a smaller / simpler eCommerce platform, you might find that Magento requires more maintenance and upkeep. That's the #1 reason that I've found users can wind up dissatisfied. Magento doesn't cater to small businesses but is fantastic for mid-size and large organizations that can benefit from its flexibility and justify the resources to keep the site running like clockwork.


Best of luck!