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Want to be a beginner!

Want to be a beginner!

Hello! My name is Ljubica, and I would like to learn as much about Magento as I can. I know nothing about programming at all, and I would like to know, can somebody who knows absolutely nothing learn Magento online?


Re: Want to be a beginner!

Hi @Lju8ica,

Absolutely, and you are lucky since all courses in Magento U are free until March 31, 2017 😀

You can access Magento U here:


Best regards.

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Re: Want to be a beginner!

Hi @Lju8ica, welcome to the Magento world! With no programming knowledge, it may take you awhile to get up to speed as you will need to learn along the way.


As @Gabriel Guarino said, definitely take advantage of the Magento U courses while they're free. You can also check out documentation at Last but not least, be sure to check out our DevBox for your dev environment:


The Magento community is full of helpful people, so don't hesitate to come back and look for answers here if you get stuck. Smiley Happy


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