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Wanted to Shift my Online Store to Magento


Wanted to Shift my Online Store to Magento

Hi, I am currently using presta for my Online shopping store, the main issue i am having is loading time, basically i am more focus on mobile version then desktop, when i input the site url  the page show blank while its loading for 4s to 6s then page appear where as the landing page i make is so simple just with few gif icons for selection so that visitor don't just leave from first page, but even then is scores 59 in Google page insight, and product page for instance the product image doesn't appear one by one but takes time then all of them appear together which i think is not good experience for visitor, it can be how the presta works, I shall be thankful if some of you can share your magento site links so i can check there loading and working on mobile devices, more over is there any module which can ease the transfer, cause i don't want to delete all the products then start over, and about themes and addons are those cost effective cause in presta it just too much even a little addon cost more then 50 euro.




Re: Wanted to Shift my Online Store to Magento

Anyone ?


Re: Wanted to Shift my Online Store to Magento

Based on what you've described, here's some feedback:


- While Magento has some features that Prestashop does not, and there are some free Magento extensions, Magento extensions often cost much more than 50 Euros.


- Launching a Magento 2 site with a standard Luma theme (without using a PWA frontend) will not automatically lead to super-fast loading speeds. You'll need to invest money into well-optimized hosting and time into other configurations, like Varnish for caching. Magento 2 sites can load very quickly, but Magento is a very heavy/robust platform, so it takes effort.


- Your page speed insights score with a fresh copy of Magento will not be great. You'll have to do work to improve the score. There are extensions that can help, like:


- There are services and modules that could potentially help with a transfer. These include services like:

There's a similar service available from Lit Extension listed in the Magento Marketplace.


- Whether you're trying to speed up your current Prestashop site, or a new Magento site, I'd recommend deploying a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Cloudflare is particularly cost-effective: 


- Whether with Prestashop or Magento, a good managed hosting solution should be able to help improve your Time to First Byte (TTFB). It appears to be part of your problem. You can test your TTFB at


- I noticed that you're also running WordPress. Here's a thorough article about how to test and speed up a WordPress site. The same overarching principles will apply, whether to WordPress, Prestashop, or Magento: If you're not addressing hosting, CDN, and other speed factors with your current site, you can expect to see similar speed challenges with a new site.


Hopefully, at least some of this information is helpful to you! I realize that I don't have a full knowledge of your site, but I did run some speed tests and look at some other factors before putting together these thoughts.


Best of luck! 


Re: Wanted to Shift my Online Store to Magento

magento movement steps to follow


Plan the movement procedure with your group as portrayed above, set the achievements and courses of events.

Information Backup

The group should make a duplicate of every one of your information, for example, item subtleties, item classes, clients, their passwords, requests, audits, and others.

Plan Customization

On this stage, the group recreates the store condition on the new stage or creates\buys another plan.

Item Migration

Presently, the time has come to move the items to the new stage. This procedure incorporates the relocation of item particulars (name and subtleties of each item you sell), qualities, and all the components of an item page, for example, catches and checkboxes.

Moving Customer Data

This is the point at which your group moves client name, passwords, contact numbers, and transportation addresses. They can likewise move history information from your site to the new stage.

Vendor Data Migration

This is the most significant advance for your business since the group moves the items and client information that worry requests to the new stage.

URLs Migration

This progression is vital for the fruitful movement process. The group moves the items and classification URLs and recoveries the old URLs in your new Magento store.

Installment Gateways.

To get your Magento 2 online store fully operational, the group duplicates all the API keys, mystery key, and API signature.

Usefulness Transfer

Contingent upon your business needs, you can recreate the highlights of your old online store to the new Magento 2 Store or recruit the group for custom component improvement.

On the off chance that the movement was done effectively, you get an Online store on Magento 2 Platform that has all the data about your items, client information, and installment passage, so you can keep exchanging on the web right away.

Presently let us see, why Magento 2 is better than other web based business stages as of now present available. Underneath we reveal to you how Magento 2 varies from the most mainstream online business stages, for example, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, OpenCart, and Shopify.

In the event that your online store is right now running on one of the recorded stages, this piece of the article will give you a reasonable thought on how Magento 2 is better and what you will get rather than the current arrangement.