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Waving Hello From Sicily

Waving Hello From Sicily

Hi everyone in the Community.


My name is Salvo Capritta an this is my late presentation Smiley Very Happy


I'm a web developer since early 2000's, and my digital agency is located in Sicily, in Milazzo - just in front of Eolian Islands Heart (wonder how it looks like?


I used to write and code with different frameworks (mainly Zend Framework), wrote as full-stack and (occasionally) as a seo, but going more on team management and lead developing in the last years.


We used to work a lot with customer-tailored works, and this led me to make three custom cms for my agency during the years, using different frameworks. This also gave me the opportunity to explore different sectors and languages.


I've usually read about Magento since 2008 but really moved on it in the last few years for some projects, as soon as we decided to quit all custom e-commerce related works series and move future e-commerce projects to Magento2.


Getting more and more involved as i go forward on it, trying to level up on the platform' knowledge for me and my team.  


We got a long learning path ahead but .... what's more exciting? Smiley Very Happy




When i don't work i love to enjoy my family staying in nature (you'll have to visit Sicily once in life) playing music or reading some books.


Thanks for reading and thanks community for what you do (it helped me a lot)


See you soon in forums and have a great weekend you all Smiley Happy

--- Code lover, nature addicted ---

Re: Waving Hello From Sicily

Hi @Salvatore Capritta,

Welcome to the community forums.

This community forums is a very good platform to ask the questions and try to help others.

You can also start diving into the

You can get an idea about the already reported/existing issue from Github:

Also, you should read this post: (in particular the guidelines)

If you're new to our forums, welcome! Take a look around, introduce yourself, check out our guidelines, and be sure to reach out to me or any of our awesome moderators if you have any questions.

You can ask also question to Magento Community Manager @sherrie if you have still issue.

As you are also a magento developer so you can always share your thoughts on this platform and yes definitely you can get help from existing community members as well

Looking forward to your contribution on this forum

Re: Waving Hello From Sicily

Hi @Vimal Kumar, thanks for your answer. 


I have read the guidelines and the @sherrie welcome message as well. 


Thanks for all the info maps can be easily found here. 


I wish i can contribute and give back soon from what i'm learning in this step of my professional life.


Many thanks for your welcoming attitude and hope to meet u again soon Smiley Happy


have a great weekend.

--- Code lover, nature addicted ---