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hi everyone  i am happy to be a  new member of the community i am actually staring learn magento to prepare a certification  can you advise me and show me the good manner to pass it ? 

sorry about my english mistakes i am a french student 


Re: greatings

Welcome to the community forums.

The best way to start is to ask and try to help other into the forums.

You'll find information on StackExchange too and you can start diving into the not only for learning but to correct and improve the docs.

We can't forget the powerful User Guide:

Another recomendation could be to be aware of Magento issues on Github: (if you are technical, of course).

Also, you should read this post: (in particular the guidelines) and if you are not sure about how to use the forum you can read the FAQ:

If you need information related with GDPR, you should check this:

Finally, you'll need to get your hands dirty with the platform.


So if you want to pass the certification, those could be the your first steps.

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Hello @artur _tchinde  


We can suggest but please let us know what certification exam you want to go for so we can advise you accordingly.


DevDocs of Magento is the common and best resource for any exam you want to go for, but rest advise we need to know what exam you want to go for.

Experience is the second important thing for a certification exams.


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Re: greatings

Thank you! Really useful summary!

Re: greatings

hello ,

sorry for the late i want to pass magento 2 front end developer


Re: greatings

Hi @artur _tchinde ,


As I mentioned before, getting your hands into the code is the more solid way to pass that test.

There are some helpers like the SwiftOtter practice guides and, specially for Frontend, I guess you'll find this link useful: