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sono nuovo buongiorno

sono nuovo buongiorno

sono nuovo buongiorno a tutti!


Re: sono nuovo buongiorno

Buongiorno Marco!


Benvenuti nei forum di Magento!


It's a great place to ask questions, share experiences, and give feedback.


Another great resource is
, which includes documentation on much of Magento's standard features and functionality.

Additionally, you can view "known" issues with the Magento 2 platform on   Github:

You can learn about the forum guidelines here:


...and if you ever get stuck, just ask a question, or reach out to @sherrie who oversees this forum.

Re: sono nuovo buongiorno

Hi @marco _di fraia,


Also, you'll find internatiomal communities here:


Sometimes some regional topics are discussed on those channels too.



Re: sono nuovo buongiorno

Welcome @marco _di fraia 


Great to see new members join the community. We look forward to hearing more from you.

Perhaps we will see you at a community event at some point