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Add Search, Filter & Sorting Options for Products in Category / Visual Merchandiser

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Add Search, Filter & Sorting Options for Products in Category / Visual Merchandiser

It would be very helpful to have a search/filter AND sorting option (by position number) available in the area "Products in Category / Visual Merchandiser". Right now there is sorting in the main view (but no filtering) and searching/filtering in the window that opens with „add product“ (but no sorting).


If you have to re-sort products in a large category, say 400+, the options available are not very efficient. 


For example: If you want to sort a product from the back of a large category to the middle, you have to:

  1. Go to catalog > categories
  2. Click on a certain category (i.e. one with 400 or more products where you can see it best)
  3. Go to products in this category
  4. Try to move a product from a position rather in the back to a position in the middle.

Here comes the difficulty. There are two options, neither of them very convenient for a big category.

Option 1: Search for the new position number, then search for the product by browsing through all the 400+ products to find it. Then type in the position (the drag & drop can of course also be used, but if you want to place the 686th product to position 30 it is not very handy). Then save.

Option 2: Go to "add product", search/filter by product name, remember the position number of the product (say, 686). Close the window. Go to the page with the position number the product has. Then use the position field or drag & drop to place the product.

If you have to do this for more than one product it takes a lot of time.


What could help tremendously is an option to filter AND sort in one step.

In Magento 1 there used to be the option to add products, search/filter AND sort at the same time / in the same window.

It would be very helpful if there was a sorting option within the "add product" window. Or if there was a add and search-/filter-option in the "products in this category"-section. The latter could be used (very efficiently) in Magento 1.