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OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect Authentication - customer identity management

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OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect Authentication - customer identity management



I'm deploying Magento for the first time.  Version CE 2.3.7 from package.  Added a bunch of plugins, most of which has been OK.  Just doing final integration testing now.


We use Gluu for Customer Identity Management.


Integrating Gluu with Magento has been a drama.  The Gluu code provided is all for Magento1.  We have it working now with help from a magento marketplace plugin.  But this doesn't really seem the sort of job a plugin is designed for (compared to other plugins I've installed).


I can't help think this feature would be better embedded in the core code.


Any chance customer identity outsourcing via OAuth 2 / OpenID Connect is a feature planned for a future release?  Either with or without SCIM support for replicating/editing customer profile data.


I've written my own integrations for our in-house applications, so I have:

1) test environments

2) a good knowledge of the transactions/protocols involved

3) lots of customer data

4) experience with working with open source development


What I don't have is:

1) php experience (I have some)

2) experience with Magento 2 source code


If someone is working on OAuth / OpenID authentication for customer identity management in Magento 2 - please reach out. 


If you know that adding this to the core Magento2 code is a bad idea, please let me know why.


If you think adding this to the core Magento2 code is a good idea, please encourage me.


If there is a good place to start (adding this to the core code).


If I wanted to work on this, should I fork the 2.4-develop or 2.5-develop branch as the starting point? (I know the contributions guide says 2.4, but I'm wondering why there is a 2.5, and since this is probably not a minor change, or quick change, if targeting 2.5 is more sensible).  I can't find any mention of a planned release timeline for 2.5...