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Out of stock threshold 0 disallows backorders

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Out of stock threshold 0 disallows backorders

The current behaviour of "Out-of-Stock Threshold" is

"With Backorders enabled, entering 0 allows for infinite backorders."

  • A positive numeric value keeps a portion of the qty reserved
  • A negative numeric value allows only for a limited amount of backorders

Using 0 to define 'infinite' backorders is not the most logic behaviour.
When the ERP transmits 0, it means that nu backorders are allowed.


I propose to switch the behaviour where the numerical value of 0 would allow for 0 (no) backorders to take place.  For infinite backorders, leave the field empty or use NULL.


This would improve ERP integration where the ERP transmits a numerical value of the allowed backorders. without the need for a custom logic to toggle the allow backorders setting.