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knockoutjs, jquery-ui, jquery: LACK OF TUTORIALS

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knockoutjs, jquery-ui, jquery: LACK OF TUTORIALS

There should be a book or a collection of tutorials how to use jquery, jquery-ui and knockoutjs together in Mangeto 2 for front-end developement (main focus on checkot page customisation) ! Man Mad

Damian Culotta

Hi @Beginner234,


Did you checked the official documentation?

Also, there is a good serie of articles form Alan Storm about the M2 UI Components (and more). Maybe you want to take a look here:


I needed to crate a autocomplete input field in checkout. Finnaly after a weeks I found out that i can not do it using only jquery-ui, but i needed also to use knockout js. I found also that the errors i got were because of the conflict between those two. Fortunately I found some caid tutorial how to do it but still !