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Introducing the Technology Partner Contribution Program

New Contributor

Contributions to Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce are a powerful and effective way to strengthen the wider Magento community. The entire Magento community benefits from this continuous improvement of the Magento Framework, keeping it current with the development tools and best practices.


We are grateful to all Partners who actively participate in the development of the platform, expanding features through special projects, and support the global community who use and contribute to the repositories. To further support Partner contributions to code, special projects, and the entire community, we are expanding with a new Technology Partner Contribution Program.


New Technology Partner Contribution Program


Contributions from our partner community and developers are fundamental to enhancing Magento Commerce and answering merchant needs. From innovative extensions to security patches, our community helps us offer best-in-class technology to merchants around the globe.


We are immensely grateful to the partners who actively participate in the development of the platform and, to recognize their efforts, we are launching a program that will track and reward Magento Technology Partners for their contributions.


The Award Point System and Contributions


We use a point system that spans these multiple categories to assign points for each recognized achievement to completed pull requests (PRs). All rankings automatically track and update per month, quarter, and year in the Magento Contributors site.


We want to recognize the following types of Partner achievements: 


  • Quantity of Contributions– Rewards Partners who have made the highest number of contributions
  • Complexity of Contributions– Rewards contributions that required time or deep platform knowledge for implementation
  • Special Achievements– Recognizes efforts in specific categories including extensive test coverage, improved framework design, improved APIs or API coverage, and improved customizability
  • Category of Expertise– Tracks contributions per components to help merchants navigate to a Partner with compatible expertise


Contributions can be submitted in the following areas:


  • Backlog: Numerous issues and reports are filed every day to Magento GitHub projects, requiring qualified feedback, verification, and prioritization. These contributions support Magento core.
  • Project Maintenance: For Partner engineers interested in collaborating and maintaining projects, we welcome contributors as part of the Maintainers team. These contributors bring their extensive expertise from real-world projects to support and drive community efforts in Magento Core and special projects.
  • Developer Documentation: We invite everyone who has spotted a gap in coverage of technical details, information for new development, and enhanced code samples to submit documentation pull requests.


Technology Partner Rewards


Rewards for qualifying partners include:


  • Announcement in the monthly Quarterly and Yearly DevBlog
  • Contributor badge in the Partner Directory
  • Free and discounted tickets to Magento events including Imagine, Magento Live, and Meet Magento
  • Discounts on annual/renew partner fees


About the Magento Community Engineering Team


We are Magento developers dedicated to facilitating community contributions to the Magento code base. We’ve already made outstanding progress processing pull requests from the community. Check our weekly Community Engineering newsletters for continuing updates on Magento core and special project updates.


Besides accepting and publicly acknowledging community contributions as described above, our most recent initiative has been to open up internal repositories to Partner developers.


In addition, we hope that providing access to these previously private repositories will heighten Partner awareness of the latest changes to Magento Commerce. Partners can then open issues against this repository, and then apply what they learn to Magento Open Source.


Ready to participate?


To join the Technical Partner Contributions Reward program, contact the Magento Community Engineering team at We will help you get started with these few easy steps: 


  1. Make sure all of your contributors have an active GitHub account with Two-Factor Authentication
  2. Create a list of your contributors and their GitHub accounts (
  3. Contact engcom@adobe.comwith the list and ask to join.


For more information on this process, please check the Partner Portal.