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Extension Interoperability

Extension Interoperability

Extensibility is one of Magento's hallmark features of the platform. Unfortunately unforeseen issues can arise when various extensions are installed alongside each other. No one likes dealing with these conflicts and they are a drag on any implementation.


  • Let's make this a better experience by discussing common and not so common causes and how we can improve on status quo.

The goal of this table is to jumpstart a solid list of action items that each extension should follow to increase interoperability with other extensions.

Magento Master

I'd love it if this where merged with the PWA table where the interop is yet to be defined!

Core Maintainer

Hey Vinai - agreed that PWA and extensions is still a huge topic to be discussed. 


I really would like to come up with a broad list of issues for extension interoperability and how to best handle them. In the end PWA might be one action item out of 20. I am afraid by merging the tables it would focus the discussion too much on that topic only (and there are possibly not that many people that have written extensions for PWA yet).

Magento Master

You are right, mergin is probably not a good idea.

Every topic suggestion so far sounds great, I'd like to clone myself and attend them all.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

Congratulations, this topic has made the cut for DevExchange at Imagine 2018!