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New topics, new posts lists

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New topics, new posts lists

As any other forum addict I would love if there was some quick lists you could check a couple times a day.

New topics
New posts
Unanswered posts

I know at least the last one can be found through advanced search but for me I would like them as buttons on the overview page.

I love checking through threads to see what other people are struggling with of get some good ideas etc.

But other than that great to see the new forum in action

Ps. Why isn't there a mobile version yet ? Smiley Happy
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Ahh dang! That's a bit embarrassing the lists are on homepage, I don't know why I didn't see that. Smiley Happy
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Okay I will just continue this conversation with my self Smiley Happy 

Would it be possible to filter out International posts from the lists with new posts and topics? 

A good example is right now where all 5 posts are on international languages. 


I don't know of any easy way to filter out international posts. Possible can be done through a custom component but this is low on my priority list, sorry. As for mobile - this will come in some time. While the forums itself are mostly ready, authentication is not and header/footer as well. I expect it to come in Q2.

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Status changed to: Implemented