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SEO section for seo relates questions and answers

SEO section for seo relates questions and answers



We have installing magento , technical problems questions and answers and many other section for questions and answers.


Can we have SEO questions and answers section for discussion regarding seo for magento shopping carts websites.


SEO is important for all websites.

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I agree. Especially seeing as Magento has a lot built in for optimising sites for search engines.


Having somewhere specific that people can ask and answer questions about these features, what they do and how they should be used would be useful. And would mean that they are not getting lost in or clogging up other dedicated areas.


Good Suggestion @shahabfk


Rebecca | Magento Small Business Partner

Community Manager

Thanks for the suggestion @shahabfk. I'll keep an eye on this to see how much interest there is. In the meantime, please feel free to discuss SEO topics under Off Topic, Small Business Merchant Chat or Admin & Configuration Questions depending on where it makes the most sense based on your topic.

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Status changed to: Under Review
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Yes, also second creating this section.


We would also be happy to share your Magento SEO expertise there. 

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Yes, i agree SEO is important for all websites.


Hi All,

Many thanks for supporting idea and kudos. Smiley Happy


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SEO is essential part for websites ranking. And i do agree with your dieas. Is there plugin for fast indexing?

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