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Enhancing Mobile Experience with Magento PWA Studio

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Enhancing Mobile Experience with Magento PWA Studio

More than 50% of people make use of mobile phones to visit websites, even then, the conversion rates are low. That happens because the websites are slow and less responsive. On the other hand, the website may not be delivering personalized and engaging content which results in increased cart abandonment and less ROI.

How PWA is helping out website owners in order to deliver mobile-specific content to the customers for better customer experience?
How Magento is helping the merchants in achieving a pre-built community backed up with Magento PWA studio?
Magento PWA Studio Technologies and Architecture.
Is it the right time for you to begin with the PWA Studio?

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New Contributor

very well written and briefly explained through jumble words of different situations.Magento is helping in every difficult situations related to website's querries. And still i am thinking about what will be the right time to start with PWA studio.