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Build for only Magento 2.x?

Build for only Magento 2.x?

Hi all,


Wondering if anyone had more in-depth research or statistics about worldwide adoption of Magento 1 across the internet vs. Magento 2, as well as any other helpful stats. We obviously plan to build and support an extension for current M2 version but wondering if it's worth the investment to also support M1 and self-host the extension. Are there still large merchants using M1? Any data/stats would be really helpful!




Re: Build for only Magento 2.x?

Hi @justincoop83dd ,

We are also working on Free and Premium Magento 2 Extensions and will explore more on Magento 2 only! 

There are more than 25k Live Magento 1 websites across the globe. There are several reasons that they would like to keep using Magento 1. Yet, we never recommend them to be on M1 for various reasons, and safety and security are among them. Even M2 has excellent features and functionalities, and you can extend the theme by creating your Magento extensions. 

So, in my view, M2 will be the core focus. With Magento open source or Adobe Commerce, the new Hyva theme helps merchants with a noticeable performance boost that earlier merchants were looking for in M2. Now, it can be done using such a theme. 

You can explore more about how we have aimed to provide Free and premium Magento 2 extensions.  


Feel free to get in touch if you need any help. 


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Re: Build for only Magento 2.x?

Yes, Magento 1 is still used by many people across the globe, but the number is reducing with time as they are migrating to M2. If there are no budget problem and you have a team that can work on it, you can take the risk. I'm saying risk here because if any problem occurs you and the website are on their own, as Adobe has ended the support for Magento 1. x since 2020.
I may suggest that first capture the market for M2 and after that if you feel the need to cater M1 user, then go for it.