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Forum for customers

Forum for customers



I am new magento developer and I was wondering if Magento would allow me to create a page where customers could have a space to insert and read job offers. We are migrating our store into magento and we had this service in our old website. 


Is there any plugin already created that has this funcionality or I have to build it by my own??


If any of you have done anything similar would you mind sharing it with me?? Thanks 


Re: Forum for customers

Magento does not have a built-in feature for creating a page where customers can insert and read job offers. However, there are a few options you could consider:

  1. Use a third-party job board extension: There are a few job board extensions available in the Magento Marketplace that you could use. These extensions allow you to create a job board on your website and allow job seekers to apply for jobs directly on your website.

  2. Create a custom page: If you have development skills, you could create a custom page on your website where customers can insert and read job offers. You could use Magento's CMS functionality to create a page with a form where customers can submit job offers, and then display the job offers on the same page.

  3. Integrate with a third-party job board platform: You could also consider integrating your Magento store with a third-party job board platform, such as Indeed or Monster. This would allow you to display job listings from those platforms on your website.

Ultimately, the approach you choose will depend on your specific needs and requirements.