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Magento 2 extension Manual QA has failed

Magento 2 extension Manual QA has failed

Hello Guys,
We have submitted our extension for technical review. It got passed the automatic review test and failed in Manual QA. After downloaded the test report when we checked we found that no exact reason or message has been mentioned in report file i.e.

{"tool":"manual_qa","status":"FAIL","reports":{"tool":"manual_qa","vendor":"<VendorName>","extension":"<ModuleName>","version":"2.3.1","status":"FAIL","date":"2023-09-05 08:40:13","details":{"reasons":[],"message":"","attachment":""}}}
Can you please suggest how can we get to know the reason of failure ?







Re: Magento 2 extension Manual QA has failed

Ask the support -

Founder at

Re: Magento 2 extension Manual QA has failed

Thanks @toniagency82ed ! My challenge is that the support ticket system shows no options in the dropdown for Contact Reason, so I can't submit my ticket. I have tried refreshing the page, cleared cache, and tried using an incognito window. Would appreciate any guidance.Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 12.21.35 PM.png

Re: Magento 2 extension Manual QA has failed



We understand your concern regarding the lack of specific reasons for the failure of your extension in the Manual QA test. To determine the exact reasons for the failure and address them, you can take the following steps:


  1. Contact the Review Team: Reach out to the review team that conducted the Manual QA. In your communication, request detailed feedback and clarification on the specific issues that led to the failure. Provide them with your extension details and the report file you received.

  2. Review Extension Code: Before contacting the review team, thoroughly review your extension's code and functionality. Look for potential issues or violations of Magento coding standards, best practices, and guidelines. Ensure that your extension follows Magento's coding and security standards.

  3. Check Extension Documentation: Ensure that your extension's documentation is complete, clear, and accurate. It should include installation instructions, configuration details, and any other relevant information. If the documentation is lacking or unclear, consider revising and improving it.

  4. Analyze Extension Functionality: Test your extension thoroughly in different Magento environments to identify any potential issues or bugs. Ensure that it works as expected and doesn't cause conflicts with other extensions or core functionality.

  5. Review Coding Standards: Double-check that your extension adheres to Magento coding standards and best practices. Pay attention to coding style, naming conventions, and security considerations.

  6. Check for Compatibility: Verify that your extension is compatible with the specified Magento version and doesn't cause conflicts or errors in that environment.

  7. Submit for Reevaluation: Once you have addressed potential issues and made necessary improvements, resubmit your extension for Manual QA review. Be sure to include detailed information about the changes you've made and any steps taken to resolve the issues.

  8. Request Feedback: In your resubmission, request specific feedback on the changes you've implemented. This can help you ensure that the issues have been addressed to the satisfaction of the review team.

  9. Community and Developer Forums: If you encounter challenges in resolving specific issues, consider seeking assistance on Magento community forums or reaching out to experienced Magento developers. They can provide valuable insights and solutions.

  10. Learn from the Process: Use the feedback from the review process as an opportunity to improve your extension development skills and gain a better understanding of Magento's guidelines and standards.

By following these steps and actively seeking feedback from the review team, you can work towards resolving the issues that led to the failure of your extension in the Manual QA and ultimately achieve a successful review. If you're problem not solved with this you can contact us. We would like to assist you.