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[Marketplace] Submitting an API-only integration extension

[Marketplace] Submitting an API-only integration extension

Hi guys,

my company is working on a Magento 2 integration with our software that relies only on Magento Admin REST API without any code written on the Magento side.


We would like to submit it to the Magento marketplace because it would be nice and we think it could offer us some strategical visibility ("Hey look, we did this integration, we're on the marketplace").


I was diving into the Extension Quality Program and its requirements for the technical review. Do you think we can submit an API-only integration?


I'm looking at the building/deploy/installation and code quality test, but we wouldn't send any PHP code event if we can package the integration with all the necessary metadata and guides.


Is there any reference or examples that can help me sort this out?


Thank you