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Adding "virtual try now" feature

Adding "virtual try now" feature

Hello folks,

I am new to Majento. I am trying to build "virtual try now" feature in Majento. What I need is:

  1. Add button on products detail page.
  2. On click on button, show overlay that can launch angular application. (I guess if overlay can be opened, adding iFrame and content inside can be done)

Overlay would communicate with camera and show how product will appear when actually wore. I do have working Angular application that can do virtual try now function. What is needed is opening my application from Majento.


Could you please identify good sources to refer to.


Each and every help is appreciated.


Re: Adding "virtual try now" feature

To add a "virtual try now" feature to a Magento website, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a custom button on the product detail page using Magento's layout and template system. You can refer to Magento's documentation for more information on creating custom buttons.

  2. When the button is clicked, use JavaScript to display an overlay on the page. You can use CSS to style the overlay and make it look like a modal window.

  3. Inside the overlay, you can add an iFrame that loads your Angular application. You can set the iFrame's source to the URL of your application.

  4. To communicate between the overlay and your Angular application, you can use JavaScript's postMessage API. When the user interacts with your application, you can send messages to the parent window (i.e. the overlay) to update the UI or close the overlay.

  5. To ensure a seamless user experience, you should optimize the performance of your Angular application and make sure it loads quickly.

You can refer to Magento's developer documentation and forums for more information on implementing these steps. Additionally, there are third-party extensions available for Magento that provide similar functionality, so you may want to consider using one of those if they meet your needs.

Re: Adding "virtual try now" feature

Hi there,


Virtual try-on is indeed a powerful feature that can be used to enhance the customer experience for online retailers. One common approach is to use a 3D model of the shopping item that the user wants to try on. Such as:-

However, another approach to virtual try-on is to use image-based rendering. This involves taking a picture of the user and then using a deep learning model to warp the image of the clothing item onto the user's body.


Since you have already built the Angular application, you can embed that within your Magento 2 front end by either creating a custom Magento 2 virtual try on module or integrating the Angular app directly into your Magento theme.


To connect an Angular app with Magento, you'll need to use Magento's APIs (either REST or GraphQL) to fetch and update data from your Magento store.


1. Magento API Configuration: In your Magento admin panel, generate API credentials for your Angular app. This will involve creating a new Integration or API User and obtaining the necessary authentication tokens.


2. API Consumption: Use Angular's HttpClient module to make HTTP requests to Magento's REST or GraphQL API endpoints. In your Angular app, you'll typically create services that handle API interactions. These services can be injected into your components.


3. REST API Example: Create a service in your Angular app that makes HTTP requests to Magento's REST API. For example, you can use HttpClient to fetch product details.


4. GraphQL API Example: Alternatively, you can use GraphQL to fetch data. Install the necessary dependencies (apollo-angular) and create GraphQL queries in your Angular app:


5. Use Data in Components: Inject your MagentoService into Angular components and use the methods to fetch data from Magento. Display the fetched data in your app's UI as needed.


6. Authentication: When making API requests, include the appropriate headers and authentication tokens as required by Magento.

7. Error Handling: Implement error handling in your Angular app to handle cases where API requests fail.


8. CORS Configuration: Make sure your Magento store's server is configured to allow requests from your Angular app's domain. Adjust the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) settings if necessary.


Please note that implementing a virtual try-on feature is a complex task that requires a good understanding of Magento 2, web technologies, image processing, and frontend/backend integration.


You may need to consult or hire Magento developers who are experienced in both Magento and Angular to successfully implement this feature.


Additionally, consider using third-party tools or extensions that might simplify the process, as building a virtual try-on feature from scratch can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.


Hope this helps!