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Can magento handle 700 000 products filtration ?

Can magento handle 700 000 products filtration ?

Plan to open a Magento 2.4 store with 700 000 products, and each product has 15-30 parameters. Filtration will be built based on these parameters. Category hierarchy will be 3-4 levels. Will it work well ? What kind of server is needed?  


Re: Can magento handle 700 000 products filtration ?

Of course, Yes! You can launch a Magento 2.4 store with 700,000 products and 15-30 parameters per product, along with a category hierarchy of 3-4 levels. Magento can handle large product catalogs, but it requires careful planning and a robust server infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and scalability. Here are some considerations to help you prepare for such a store:

  • Server Requirements
  • Caching and Indexing
  • MySQL Configuration
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Elasticsearch Integration
  • Category Structure
  • Import and Indexing
  • Load Testing

For the server side, make sure of having min 16GB, but recommend having 32GB, SSD, & Multiple CPUs. 

For such a complex need, you must find a sound team who could help you build a robust Magento store. A team must have a solution analyst and skilled Magento resources. 

Hope you'll find this helpful. 

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Re: Can magento handle 700 000 products filtration ?

Magento can easily handle this type of requirement. Magento is specialized for e-commerce websites. For this kind of website, where potentially the user traffic would be high I would prefer OLS server. Litespeed helps with improved speed on your server that eventually speeds up your website. For a complete round-up experience, I would recommend Managed Magento Hosting providing a LOMP tech stack. The hosting provider would be responsible for looking all the server technicalities, leaving you to focus on your main website.