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Can Magento print labels for Letters (Envelopes) ?

Can Magento print labels for Letters (Envelopes) ?

I cannot figure out how to do this and all the shipping extensions seem to be serious over kill.


We have a number of mail out orders. They all fall under Oversized mails service. Not the smal parcel service. So my cost for mailing is exactly the same for anywhere in Canada and anywhere in the USA. So, I do not need to figure that out every time, as do most of the shipping extensions. Plus the available shipping extensions for Canada Post do not address oversized mail service anyways. So it seems.


 I just need to know what country and add that shipping flat rate cost. Easy enough. I might even just build it into the cost and show shipping as FREE.


So now.... with an order placed in Magento, all I need is to have Magento print out a simple mailing label that I can stick onto the oversized envelope. I do not need postage on it.  I will do that with a Pitney Bowes machine.


All I need printed on the label is the mailing address and a code number, so we know what pre-made package to stick the label onto.


I just cannot find anyway to do this and I am stumped.  Please help me or direct me in the rigth direction.


Much appreciated.


Thanks Kevin 


Re: Can Magento print labels for Letters (Envelopes) ?

I don;t know too much about your problem so surf a internet to sort out your problem and found a stackoverflow url which could assist you