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Can Use magento as a CMS

Can Use magento as a CMS

Hi all.

We want to start an Online Health Magazine which is a website for publishing Health Articles.

Also we planned a store part for the future and after a lot of research finally I choose magento as our e-commerce platform but can magento do the CMS part as well as the e-commerce or we need another CMS for our site?


Re: Can Use magento as a CMS

If your primary business is an online healthy magazine, I'd recommend considering a more robust CMS that's better suited to your needs. Drupal comes to mind, as does WordPress. 


You can still use Magento for the eCommerce portion - it's not that unusual. However, trying to use Magento to run a Magazine, while possible, would be tough. Magento's native CMS capabilities are not as advanced as leading CMS platforms.


Keep in mind that there are various different integrations to connect both Drupal and WordPress with Magento, so you may be able to stitch the two sites together more comfortably, as opposed to putting the store at a separate subdomain, or anything like that. There are even cases where you'll use a CMS like Drupal as the face of the site, which is a form of Headless Commerce. The reason that such options and integrations exist is precisely because Magento and these CMS systems often complement each other as opposed to competing with each other.


Best of luck!

Re: Can Use magento as a CMS

Thanks a lot Robert.
Here I've read ton of Magento features which one of them was the ability for managing a blog. Can you you give me an example of Magento blog? so I can check it & decide if it's as good enough as we need.

Re: Can Use magento as a CMS

Hi Everyone

It is my question too that what is the magento blog?
I saw an article that says magento is more suitable to sell things instead of another e-commerce plans but because I'm not good in English I didn't understand it well.
Thanks to help me to

Re: Can Use magento as a CMS

In regards to having a blog in your Magento Open Source site, there is not one included "off the shelf". You would need an extension. 


There are popular extensions from companies like Aheadworks:


However, while this will add to the CMS capabilities of Magento, this may not be the right fit for an organization that wants to operate a popular online Magazine. 


An example of something more robust would be using WordPress and integrating it with Magento using an extension from Fishpig:


This really comes down to the specs of the individual business. For instance, some businesses will do fine with the Aheadworks extension, while others will do better with a separate install of Drupal. There's a big difference between having a basic blog, and operating an enticing magazine with many categories, authors, editors, and advertisers, and a unique news/magazine style layout.


There is no one-sized-fits-all solution for all businesses - it really depends on the business plans and budgets.

Re: Can Use magento as a CMS

Magento 2 Blog Extension  attracts more target audiences to the online store through quality content.

Moreover, you can also improve your marketing efforts and smoothly transfer promotion messages to your beloved customers and eventually, boost the sale of your website and earn more benefits. With many improved additional features comparing to the Magento 2 blog extension free version, Magento 2 Blog Extension will not disappoint you.


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Re: Can Use magento as a CMS


I personally love Magento for such benefits:

It's SEOfriendly.  SEO advanced support enables products rank on all popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and more. Magento creates title tags automatically as well as lets you to create them manually. It also prevents you from content duplication, by adding canonical tag, which links your duplicate content. To prioritize categories, products and pages, you can use a sitemap.

Gives Hosting freedom. Unlike Shopify which has several restrictions regarding hosting solutions, with Magento you can use any type of hosting options for online stores.

You can choose between: hosting provider, the model, the package, anything that fits your business needs. Moreover, if someday you decide to migrate to another hosting provider, you can easily move to a cozy corner you like. This option is not available for all eCommerce platforms on the market.

Enables Third-party integration. Magento provides many third-party extensions for various needs such as payment gateway, comments plugin, analytics tool etc. This flexibility lets you easily upgrade services through the extensions.

Scalability, flexibility, speed. No one could deny, that speed is one of the main ranking factors as well as factor, that defines the quality of eCommerce platform.  Due to immense Fastly updates for Magento Commerce Cloud, page latency decreased impressively.  

The same with scalability and flexibility. Magento cares about anysize stores from small to huge ones. If your store grows, Magento will take care of it as well.  Check more useful info here

Re: Can Use magento as a CMS

Magento can also do CMS performance. Custom made modules can be made, and you will have complete control over your platform and content. You can also update them with lower costs and with greater ease.

Re: Can Use magento as a CMS

@jafaarfath1918 wrote:

Hi all.

We want to start an Online Health Magazine which is a website for publishing Health Articles.

Also we planned a store part for the future and after a lot of research finally I choose magento as our e-commerce platform but can magento do the CMS part as well as the e-commerce or we need another CMS for our site?

These days retailers state Magento as a CMS framework. Let’s understand this more clearly. The main purpose of a CMS is to create and publish digital content such as audio, video, images, text, and many more.


What comes to your mind when we talk about online shopping?

You will be thinking of press release page and product descriptions with the company announcements and news. Right?


Despite this fact that Magento utilizes a content management system, this perspective is just a single aspect of available functionalities. Designed most importantly to serve the requirements of e-Commerce, Magento has its own power signature, for example:-


1. It can run numerous front-ends from the same back-ends
2. Manage the catalog of the products easily.
3. Process the orders placed by the user
4. Store the information of the customers
5. Set up the promotions of e-Commerce, and many more.

With the introduction of Magento Commerce 2.3, you can choose the page layout of your choice and develop a page by dragging the blocks of the content such as media, banners, and headings, fill them in with information, and range them on a webpage.

When you hire Magento developer, they will come up with unencrypted codes to extend the functionalities of the website.


Re: Can Use magento as a CMS

Hello @jafaarfath1918 



Yes, definitely you can use Magento as CMS platforms. Magento comes with all in one package.

But I feel that you should have a look at some other platforms too as per your needs. So you can differentciate the qualities and can get best!

I personally love Magento as it has many qualities along with CMS.


All the best!


Stay happy, stay healthy!

Take care!