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Create an order dynamically using API

Create an order dynamically using API



I recently migrated to Magento 2.3 from Netsuite. Now I want to sync orders from Netsuite to Magento using the API. I have gone through the documentation and found that I need to follow few steps to create an order for a customer. But following those steps we will not be able to sync orders for the registered customers on Magento as we will not have their passwords to get the token of the customer and create an order.


Is there any alternate approach to sync the orders from third party application to Magento for existing customers?




Re: Create an order dynamically using API

Hi @vamshikris6b3e 


Looking at the all the possibilities you have following options which you can prefer for the migration from the NetSuite to Magento 2


  1. You can use the admin API and admin access token and using that create all the orders into the Magento by using Magento API
  2. You can migrate those data by import/export process - meaning export those data from the NetSuite in the proper csv file and make it magento compatible and then import the same sheet into the Magento to create the orders. - This might be lengthy process
  3. You can use any of the data migration services - there are few data migration services which helps you to migrate your data from one platform to another platform. 


From the above options you can choose any of the option and migrate your data from the NetSuite to Magento.


Hope it helps !

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Re: Create an order dynamically using API

Suppose you don't have the passwords of registered customers in Magento. In that case, you can consider syncing orders from Netsuite development to Magento by either using guest checkout and mapping customer information to guest orders, or by directly importing orders into Magento's database from Netsuite without relying on the API authentication process.