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How to defer javascript in magento?

Re: How to defer javascript in magento?

We offer a free extension for Magento 2.1 and 2.2 to overcome the Defer Javascript issue. You can download it from here:

Re: How to defer javascript in magento?

If I understand your problem correctly - you're using Magento1 version. As M2 is using already defered scripts.




Recommend you to install PageSpeed from SwissupLabs it has many optimization tools including DeferCSS

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Re: How to defer javascript in magento?

Previously deferring javascript in Magento was a bit tricky. However, now with the enhancement in the Magento development services, deferring can be done in a few minutes by using Magento Defer JS (JavaScript) Extension.

Moreover, this extension also helps in speeding up your website and effectively improve loading time. Hence, deferring engages a number of customers and boost up your sales!

Thus, use this extension and defer parsing JavaScript for the Magento websites until the last moment.

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Re: How to defer javascript in magento?

Javascript deferral with Magento proved a little challenging. Deferring can now be completed quickly utilizing the Magento Defer JS (JavaScript) Extension thanks to improvements in Magento development services.

Additionally, this addon aids in accelerating the loading time of your website. Delaying thus engages many clients and increases your sales!

Use this extension and wait until the very last minute to parse JavaScript for Magento websites.

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