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SEO friendly filters

SEO friendly filters

I want to start building a Magento store and want from the start a good foundation for SEO. So there a couple factors that I am looking for in an online store:


  1. URL structure for the subcategory "paperbag" with the color "brown";
  2. Having a custom H1 title for each attribute, for example the color "brown"
  3. Setting up a custom description for the attributes

Thanks for any input and effort for helping out!



Re: SEO friendly filters

Hello @chipzakje 


There is a feature available in Magento to append the category name to the product URL. 

Can you please explain more about your other points?


Re: SEO friendly filters

Hey Deep,


Thank you for your response! 

  1. I would like to have SEO friendly URL when selecting an attribute, for example a color. From what I have seen is when you select a color in the category page the link would look like this; "". But I want to look it like: ""
  2. The page title should change when selecting a attribute color on the catogory page. On many website the title same as before selecting an attribute. For this I would like to see that the page title H1 changes when selecting the color "Brown" in the filter from "Paper bags" to "Brown paper bags"
  3. As mentioned at feature two that the H1 title changes when selecting the attribute, I would like to change the description. This description would be custom made for the selected filter "Brown paper bag"

Re: SEO friendly filters

Hey, I highly recommend to you extension where you can configure all settings which you have mentioned. 


For each filter, including Yes/No filters, you can find the following settings in the SEO section:

Generate SEO URL

Allow Google to INDEX the Category Page with the Filter Applied

Allow Google to FOLLOW Links on the Category Page with the Filter Applied

Add rel=“nofollow” to filter links (Auto / No)

Attribute URL Alias


Generate SEO URL. When you filter by this attribute, it removes the parameter from the GET-request and embeds it in the main part of the URL with alias, optimized for the search engines. For instance, category/cotton.html instead of category.html?material=46. It is active, if SEO URL generator is enabled in the general SEO settings.


It is also possible to specify particular filter options to improve SEO. The following option settings are available:


Meta Data (Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords)

Page Content (Page Title, Description, Image, Top CMS Block)

SEO (URL Alias)

Other (Small Image, Small Image Alt)

Re: SEO friendly filters

Hey there! Building a Magento store is a great way to kickstart your online business, and having a solid foundation for SEO is definitely a smart move. It's great that you're thinking about URL structure, custom H1 titles, and descriptions for your attributes - those are all important factors for SEO success. I hope you find the input and help you need to set up your store just the way you want it! And if you need any additional support or guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to ePropel. Good luck with your new venture!

Re: SEO friendly filters

If you want to build an SEO-friendly Magento store, you're on the right track! It's great that you're already thinking about the URL structure, custom H1 titles, and descriptions for your subcategories and attributes. This will definitely help with your search engine rankings. At Athina Digital, we specialize in SEO and can help you optimize your Magento store for the best possible results. Check out our website at for more information on our services. Good luck with your store!