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Sales Reports by Customer Group

Sales Reports by Customer Group

I need to run a sales report by a Customer Group but I am not seeing an ability to this. Does anyone have any advice?


Re: Sales Reports by Customer Group

Hi @orbs

If you're using Magento 2, this extension will do what you need


It has the following report types:


Sales Overview
Orders Report
Sales by Hour
Sales by Day of Week
Sales by Payment Type
Sales by Customer Group
Sales by Country
Sales by Coupon
Sales by Category
Sales by Product
Bestsellers Report
Sales by Product Attributes
Sales by Customers
New vs. Returning Customers

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Re: Sales Reports by Customer Group

Here’s a useful extension that might help you: Advanced report for Magento $ 39  with get 8 reports (more reports should be available soon) the module also offers the stunning visual graphs to illustrate trends within each report. 

  •  Report on sales by Country
  • Report on sales by Product
  • Report on sales by Customer Group
  • Report on sales by Coupon code
  • Report on sales Report
  • Report on sales by Hours
  • Report on sales by Day of Week
  • Report on New customers and Returning customers

For Magento 2 :


Re: Sales Reports by Customer Group



You can either create a custom report or a third-party extension for advanced reports.


I found this extension by Elsner useful. 


You can consider this adobe commerce extension as a powerful analytics tool for your business.


Hope it helps.