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Shipping Address Options?

Shipping Address Options?

Hi everyone! My company sells apparel and we have customers that would like to have an option to ship their purchase to either their store location or a residential location. However, we are having issues with our shipping department being able to differentiate the RESIDENTIAL addresses from the store locations and this affects how we ship the packages. What we would like to see happen is as follows:


1. Customer selects their items

2. Customer has shipping options: Ship to Store Location or Ship to Residential Location

3. If select SHIP TO STORE LOCATION: a dropdown menu of all of the store locations appears and they must select one of those

4. If select SHIP TO RESIDENTIAL LOCATION: a traditional entry system for their address appears (Street, City, State, etc.)


We then want there to be some sort of indication on the order as to whether this is a STORE LOCATION or a RESIDENTIAL LOCATION so our shipping department can appropriately process the item.


How can we accomplish this? Any and all guidance and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Shipping Address Options?

Hi @Kristinben968f,


From analysis, There are much complications in your flow on magento. Customers or employees to choose the shipping address as store address otherwise choose residential address (they can enter their home address). 


If it in case one employee choose residential address as shipping address, then at payment mode they could select payroll so it leads to automatically chosen corporate address (is this Store address or company's main branch address?) difficulties are in getting to match with shipping address and billing address if they are chosen in different way as Shipping address residential and billing address for Payroll payment. 

Everything possible to implement, but need proper requirement flow which describes how the way it should works? 

Can you explain the flow? surely will take a review to find possible solutions.

We can find the possibilities for your flow.

Best regards

Re: Shipping Address Options?

I think you are confusing this forum post with my other post....I THIS case, the billing address would be whatever they enter/same as the shipping address. We operate a number of different sites for different customers that require different parameters for shipping and billing. For THIS customer, our only concern currently is that they have to:

1.Select SHIP TO STORE (and choose from a dropdown menu of store addresses) or

2. Select SHIP TO RESIDENCE (they have to enter an address)


In either case, the billing address should follow the traditional structure of Magento in which case it is either the "same as the shipping address" (regardless of which above option was chosen) or if they would choose "billing address is different from shipping address" and they have to enter a billing address.

Re: Shipping Address Options?

While this functionality is not native, if you want to try to stay as close to off-the-shelf solutions as possible, you should consider leveraging a Store Pickup extension.


So, you can still use the native shipping options, but also add an option that will allow shoppers to select "Ship To Store Location" as you've described, and select where they'd like the item delivered to.


There are one-off extensions that offer this sort of functionality, like:


There are also more robust software as a service (SaaS) solutions like and


Best of luck!