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Shopping Cart Rule Question

Shopping Cart Rule Question

I'm trying to create a shopping cart rule in Magento Enterprise version 1.12, basically buy 2 get 1 free. I have 6 items in my category, all priced the same. I was able to set up a rule that states if 3 of the same SKU are added to cart, then 1 is free.


It works also that 6 items in cart gives 2 free, 9 items in cart gives 3 free, etc. But it has to be the same SKU..


What I'm trying to do is set this rule so that I can have various quantities in the cart, but from this same category. For example, if I wanted to add SKU 123456, 234589, and 589625 to my cart, one of those needs to be subtracted, (free). As long as there are 3 or more items in the cart.


Can anyone help me with this?