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Sync between Odoo to Magento

Sync between Odoo to Magento

Hi All,

We have a store running on Magento and recently we have moved the order processing module to Odoo(OpenERP),So that the picking and packing of order items will happen in Odoo.

Now i want to synchronise the Magento DB with Odoo so that at the end of day all data in Odoo will be synced with Magento.

I have tried to directly update the pick/pack details from Odoo stock_picking table to Magento sales_flat_order and it was a disaster and broke the entire system.

So can anyone please suggest on how to do this? Any better idea/suggestions will be of great help.

Note : Magento version 1.9(MySQL), Odoo(PostgreSQL) and w ehave a DWH running on Postgres where we store the Odoo and Magento data.


Re: Sync between Odoo to Magento

Hi @sandeep_salim,


Maybe you could check for an option from the Marketplace?