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Adding prefix to order and shipment number

Adding prefix to order and shipment number

My client is having a requirement to add prefixes to the orders and shipments created in his Magento 2 store to let the users recognize orders and shipments with ease.Whenever a new order is placed, he wants to assign PINN prefix along with the year of the order placement.

I'm looking for the extension which satisfies both the requirements with order number and shipment number creation.


Re: Adding prefix to order and shipment number

You can explore our Magento 2 Custom Order Number which allows customizing Magento 2 order numbers by prefixes, suffixes, letters, counter or any random numbers to match your business needs.

To satisfy your requirement, the order number format allowed by the extension is ORD-{yyyy}-{counter} which can be replaced with PINN-{2022}-1.


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