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Better Order Grid for Magento 2

Better Order Grid for Magento 2

To provide a better experience for your customers you have to provide excellent support. Most often customers have difficulty with their orders. So it is your job to make sure their requests are processed fast.


Unfortunately, Magento 2 default order grid doesn't provide you enough information to manage orders productively. That is why you need Magento 2 Better Order Grid Extension.


This module allows you to customize order grid, delete orders, change order status colors and much more.



  • Faster Order Management
  • Order Status Colors
  • Hide Orders With Statuses
  • Display Bought Products
  • Display Coupon Code
  • Delete Order Option
  • Product Thumbnails
  • Order Grid Templates
  • Multiple Grid Columns
  • Filter Orders by Attributes

Re: Better Order Grid for Magento 2

Another good option for you is the Magento 2 Order Grid extension by Mageplaza. It'll help you to add more columns, attribute to order grid and group them logically. Order Grid extension also helps admins to easily view order grid, manage and process orders.
Here are the most remarkable features:

  • Custom order grid with extra nearly 30 columns
  • Display order grid with billing/ shipping information
  • Add custom attribute to order grid
  • Hide/ show orders on grid by status
  • Change column header
  • Hide or show any columns
  • Filter orders with ease
  • Properly compatible with Order Attributes, Order Labels


I'm Huy Dao, Digital Marketing at Mageplaza. Mageplaza is a dedicated leading extension builder for Magento 2