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Configurable Product accordion Steps

Configurable Product accordion Steps



I have been testing out the community edition for a new site we are building. I am not much of a developer so was looking to see if there was an existing extension for this.


Basically I want to create a user customizable gift basket builder with following steps:

Step 1: Select basket

Step 2: Select product 1 (up to 3)

Step 3: Select product 2 (up to 3)

Step 4: Select product 3 (up to 3)


Does anyone know if there is something available that already does this? Some sites I was looking at w/ similar functionality were (I like how they have included sub categories in the builder in step 3)


Thanks in advance for any assistance.



Re: Configurable Product accordion Steps

Seems like you can achieve it with customization to the Bundle prodcts and divive it into 3 steps.

I know magento EE has similar template  when you on the bundle product page.