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Configurable products with an bundle item/product

Configurable products with an bundle item/product


I have a shop where I sell shampoos in 1000ml bottles with and without perfume, so I have a configurable product with 2 child products and it which works well, but I also ship the shampoo with a separate pump.


So is there a way to add/bundle the pump with the 1000ml products automatically so it's visible on the order as a free product that cannot be removed?


Hope it all makes sense!

Thanks in advance




Re: Configurable products with an bundle item/product

Can I achieve it with this Amasty extension?

Re: Configurable products with an bundle item/product

You should be able to do this without an extension by using a Bundled Product type.


You can make both items (the shampoo and the pump) required, and set the quantity of each in the bundle to "1". You can also use a dropdown for the Shampoo to allow shoppers to select the scented or unscented version of your product.


This will allow you to sell both SKUs together, making inventory management and order fulfillment processes more accurate. 


Another option might be using a customizable option. Similarly, you'd keep the option as Required.


Best of luck!

Re: Configurable products with an bundle item/product

Hello @TONZR,


Probably, our APO module might help you to achieve this.

You can add a required option to your configurable product, which will be pre-selected. This option can be linked to your other existing product and have a custom price (in your example, it will be free). This linked product can be separated in order by our SKU Policy feature.


You can learn more about the extension and what it offers here:


Let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist at


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Re: Configurable products with an bundle item/product

I am not sure if this extension works on this case but I'd recommend you try this configurable product extension. This extension from Mageplaza displays all configurable products more clearly and fully in a table grid view. This special table facilitates customers to pick children products quickly and conveniently, supporting online stores to decrease abandonment and increase sales.

Highlight features:

- Show configurable product choices in a matrix table

- Add multiple children products to truck immediately

- Show value subtleties of configurable products

- Show stock status of all related products

- Ready to apply by client gatherings

Hope this helps!