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Display of Configurable products

Display of Configurable products

I am selling some configurable products but I do not want to show them in the drop-down list as  in Magento default. I have been looking for a Magento extension to help me have the best display for configurable products. For example, they can be shown in a table, for instance. 

Is there any suggestion for me?


Re: Display of Configurable products

Hello @jacoblb

You can show attributes of configurable products with the help of images like shown here:


This can be achieved with Color Swatch Pro. What is more, the extension adds lightbox and zoom effects as well as an ability to chose an attribute from category pages.


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Re: Display of Configurable products

Hi @jacoblb

You can try Configurable Product Grid Table View Extension to display your configurable products in a convenient table. All associated products are shown in the grid table with custom options and other information of products such as stock availability, unit price, subtotal, quantity. 

  • Add many products to cart at one time 
  • Change quantity and automatically calculate total amount 

Therefore, Configurable Product Grid Table View help you to easily control products and also enhance shopping experience for customers 


Re: Display of Configurable products

hi @jacoblb

You should take a look at Wholesale Add to Cart Grid module. This module lists all variations of configurable products in a table and allows you to add more than one product configuration to cart at once. It also displays quantity available in stock, and a message is a certain product configuration is  out of stock or not available at all.


The table is very user-friendly and responsive. This module also supports tier pricing,  and works with configurable products that already exist in your store.


Also the customers can add multiple product configurations to cart at once, by entering quantity they would like to order for each product configuration.

Re: Display of Configurable products

I recommend you should use the extension by BSSCommerce.

Because I shared their post to my friends.

They all said that thanks for my suggestion, their online stores are now working effectively.

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Re: Display of Configurable products

Hi @jacoblb

If you are using Magento 2, you can have your configurable product displayed with all children products shown as below:


The  Configurable Product Grid Table View For Magento 2 can help you to get the best display for configurable product. Moreover, the extension have other amazing features:

  • Show the availability, and unit price for each children products.
  • Choose quantity and automatically calculate the total price for many products.
  • Add all products to cart at once.

Check out the extension above for more details and you will not be disappointed.

Re: Display of Configurable products

Hello @jacoblb 



Try Magento 2 Wholesale Configurable Products for display associated products to customers in a grid format with product details like product images, tier price, special price, etc.