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Extension For booking delivery times

Re: Extension For booking delivery times

You can check out this Magento 2 Delivery Date & Time. It is on sale 50% - Only $ 29 at Magesolution store.
How it works

  • Enable clients to select shipping methods and their convenient delivery time and date
  • Control what delivery information will be shown in the front-end area
  • Support buyers to leave more specific delivery comments
  • Configure minimum and maximum delivery intervals
  • enabling customers to choose available shipping time and date for their orders
  • specifying a delivery schedule
  • excluding any particular days or hours for unavailable delivery
  • attaching delivery information to emails and printing order-related documents

Re: Extension For booking delivery times

I use Delivery Date that is good for both Magento 1 and 2. It doesn't only allow the customers to select delivery date and time but also offers to exclude any delivery date from your delivery plan. Very reliable. 

Re: Extension For booking delivery times

Hello @Sunova,


Here I would like to share Magento2 Delivery Date and Time extension to schedule the customer's preferred delivery date and time for deliveries. Kindly check it.



Please hit kudos and accept it as solution, if you found solution


Best regards


Re: Extension For booking delivery times



As per your query, I would like to recommend the given extension-

Magento 2 Delivery Date and Time

This extension facilitates the admin to create multiple slots for each day of the week.

For each slot, the admin can set the maximum orders quota for better time management.


Thanks and Regards!


Re: Extension For booking delivery times

Hi @Sunova 

As you have mentioned that you are looking for an option for the customers to choose the delivery time as per their comfort you can check out this module.

You can also connect with them to discuss in more detail through this link by creating a ticket.

Re: Extension For booking delivery times



There is an extension that I found just released nearby which I think is exactly what you are looking for - Magento 2 Delivery Boy App.


This extension enables admin to build, maintain & track the entire database of items being shipped from their platforms. It enables the admin to assign orders to the delivery operator so that orders can be delivered efficiently to the customers.

Admin can use chat to connect with the delivery boy. The delivery boy is given his own login to manage all of the orders that the admin has assigned to him, as well as to indicate his presence or absence. In addition, the delivery boy can also access the sales and order information. This module also allows merchants to contact the delivery boy in order to track the delivery of their orders.


You can refer to this module from Landofcoder, I am using theirs and it worked really well at my site.


Hope this is helpful!

Re: Extension For booking delivery times

Magento 2 Delivery Date by MageDelight is the extension that fulfill your requirements. It gives facility to your customers to choose scheduled delivery date and time slot for the order delivery as per their convinience. 

Not just date and time slot, this module offers:

  • Special comment box for customers while placing an order to add custom note
  • “Call me before delivery” option for your customers
  • Edit delivery date after placing the order
  • Set special prices for certain delivery options
  • Set Holiday and vacation periods
  • Manage each time slot of working hours throughout the year 

Feel free to browse website or test demo for more information!

Re: Extension For booking delivery times

You can use this extension for Delivery date, Delivery Instructions and Delivery Date extension allows customers to enter "delivery instructions" or "order comments""delivery date" and "delivery time" during checkout, this information gets saved against order which can be viewed in Magento admin panel under delivery instruction section.

  • Convenient date and time slot selection for product delivery
  • A special comment box for customers while placing an order
  • Configure holiday and vacation period from back-end
  • Set minimal and maximum delivery intervals

The following link Magento 2 Delivery Instructions and Delivery Date would be useful.

Re: Extension For booking delivery times

Hi @Sunova,

As per your requirement, I will suggest Magento 2 Delivery Date and Time extension. This allows customers to choose a desired date and time for their ordered product. I hope my suggestion would help you.