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Extensions that integrate Instagram affiliate marketing

Extensions that integrate Instagram affiliate marketing


I have been looking for affiliate marketing software that integrates with Magento. I have discovered a piece of software called Refersion, however, I am wondering whether there is anyone within these forums that have experience with any alternatives. Would love to hear some of your experiences and also is there a particular piece of software that is currently considered to be market leading?





Re: Extensions that integrate Instagram affiliate marketing


Not sure if there is an extension available which can help you integrate a 3rd party affiliate software with Magento. We did integrate Post Affiliate Pro in Magento 1 few years ago. If you have not seen that you can consider looking at PAP as well.


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Problem solved?Please give 'Kudos' and accept 'Answer as Solution'.

Re: Extensions that integrate Instagram affiliate marketing

Hi @james_raptis 


I would recommend you Post Affiliate Pro Magento 2 Integration.

Post Affiliate Pro is a powerful solution for online stores and eCommerce websites that helps them track and monitor their affiliate network. Many businesses that offer online services and goods require affiliate marketers to help them drive customers to their websites and increase their sales. With Post Affiliate Pro, managing affiliate marketers becomes a tad easier especially when the network becomes huge and their numbers grow.

Post Affiliate Pro also helps you monitor your commissions payout. You only pay commissions to your affiliate marketers only when a purchase has been made and completed.

Here are some of Post Affiliate Pro’s core advantages:


  1. Effectively manage and monitor their affiliate network’s performance and operations
  2. Accurately pay commissions to affiliate marketers directly involved with the sale
  3. Improve SEO with external affiliate links
  4. Scalability allows the application to grow with your business
  5. Easy integration with API


How it would work for you Magento website:


You can create banners and links in your Post affiliate panel in Magento and your affiliate can share-promote it on their Instagram and tracking will work.


You can Feel free to test it out. They offer 14 days free trial. Here is the trial URL.


I hope it will help you.




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Re: Extensions that integrate Instagram affiliate marketing

Maybe you should try Magento 2 Instagram, this extension allowing merchants to display featured products alongside with Instagram photos. With plus version, you can use hotspot to pin products onto photos and track its performance at ease. On top of that, this extension is easy to setup and configure for beginners.

Re: Extensions that integrate Instagram affiliate marketing

Hello James,


I have gone through demo of couple of extensions for one of my client and decided to go with Magedelight Instagram Connect extension due to following reason:

  1. Easy user interface
  2. Availability of all required features
    1. import instagram images on Magento 2 store
    2. Tag products with image
    3. Directly link products to image, that helps customer to make a quick purchase
    4. It displays number of likes and comments
  3. Within my budget
  4. Had a good experience working with the same team for another extension.

I would surely recommend Magedelight Instagram Extension.

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Re: Extensions that integrate Instagram affiliate marketing

Hii @james_raptis 


You can try Magento 2 Instagram Integrate extension. Drive more sales by integrating your business Instagram feed with your Magento 2 store. 



Re: Extensions that integrate Instagram affiliate marketing

Hello @james_raptis,


Here I recommend this Magento2 Instagram Feed Extension to connect your store with Instagram for covering large number of customers globally.

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