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Extra services/ fees extension


Extra services/ fees extension

I have an online gift store. What I want to do is to add extra services (like gift wrapping, individual wrapping design, etc.) that  customers may during the checkout. 

Is there any good extension for that? 


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Re: Extra services/ fees extension


Re: Extra services/ fees extension

Re: Extra services/ fees extension

You can have this feature by using the following extension by Fme. It allows you to upload multiple gift wrapping papers and design images to let users chose from. Once the user select any wrapping paper the extra service fee is automatically added in the total cart price. You can also upload Giftcard with prices and let customers to write custom message on gift card.


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Re: Extra services/ fees extension

You may check this Multi Fees Magento Solution:

The extension allows you to create an unlimited number of additional services (fees) such as optional services (fees), such as Gift Cards, Gift Wrap, Rush Delivery, Personal Wrapping, etc. and manage them all in the backend. 


Customers may opt to include any of these extra services at the checkout.

In addition, the module lets you set up simple and complex conditions for any extra servce that you offer (these conditions can be based on a cart attribute, product product type, customer group, etc.)  

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Re: Extra services/ fees extension


We can offer you a great solution, which meets your requirements to the full. The Gift Wrap extensions allows you to offer customers different designs, various meterials, options to wrap items individually or in groups, etc.

Re: Extra services/ fees extension

Thanks for all your help guys! 

Re: Extra services/ fees extension

Hello there,

To answer your query, I would suggest a module that allows adding some extra service fee i.e. Service Fee Extension for Magento 2. Using this the admin can easily ask for changes for some functionalities. 

You can also customize the module according to your requirements. 

Thanks and Regards 


Re: Extra services/ fees extension

MageAnts have solutions for multiple fee charge with magento 2 extra fee extension on checkout

Re: Extra services/ fees extension

You can use this extension for extra fees, Surcharge or Additional Fee extension allows you to charge customer surcharge or additional fee or handling fee for specific country/countries or payment method/methods or both. The additional fee could be a fixed amount or percentage of the basket subtotal.

  • It also allows you to apply combination of specific country/countries and specific payment method/methods
  • It also allows you to apply surcharge against specific payment method or payment method and country both

The following link Magento 2 Surcharge or Additional Fee would be useful.