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Grouped orders in one cart

Grouped orders in one cart

Is there an extension that can give the option to have the content of the cart grouped. So like the customer can make a group/label of for example "for Sam" and put 2 pants and a shirt in there, and then have another group "for myself" and put a Rolex in there along with 10 socks, and so on.

Then finish the order with only one payment and one shipping fee etc, and we can then see those labels/groups in the order processing.


Re: Grouped orders in one cart


I know an extension that might be what you are looking for - Magento 2 Add Multiple Products To Cart Extension by Landofcoder team.

This extension supports customers in adding multiple products to the shopping cart. Without browsing through product pages separately, shoppers can view the product list insert more quantities for each product directly.

Excellent product and customer support as well. The most difficult part is always been to have proper support after purchase. I am glad that customer service is very much prompt and efficient to meet the buyer's expectations. I strongly recommend this product to all intended buyers.

Hope this will be helpful to you!