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How to varify Purchase Orders in your Magento Admin

How to varify Purchase Orders in your Magento Admin

If you use a Purchase Order from your Magento store for your clients, it's important to verify the PO and authenticate the customer.


Unfortunately, Magento does not have these features, so the Admin must manually handle these tasks before sending the order confirmation to the customer.


Fortunately, the Magento 2 Advanced Purchase Order module can simplify this process by allowing you to review the PO and validate the customer in one place.

This Magento extension comes with: 

  • Allows buyers to add PO and Documents while submitting orders.
  • Admin can validate and authenticate the orders.
  • No additional process is required for the Order processing.
  • Help merchants to reduce manual operations.
  • An extra layer of authentication for purchase orders.

Learn more about Advanced Purchase Order extension at

Also, it is marketplace-approved:

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