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Let the user add products

Let the user add products

hey guys,


my last use of magento was years ago, but now I got a new businessidea. I found nothing in this community, so im asking you this way.

i need some kind of extension, which allows the user to create their own products (of course within the range of the shop). I know there is a so called multi vendor tool, but thats not what Im looking for.  I dont want them to use the backend.

They rather should just fill out a simple sheet in the frontend and it should be completed(categories, article number etc.) by the system automatically. It should just be as simple as create an ebay auction.

I think the word "extension" is to big for this little I want. But does somebody of you know something of this already done on an open source basis? Or any suggestions how to program it from the very beginning?


Thanks for your answers! As soon as Im more into this i will give my payback in supporting this community with my knowledge


Edit1: I know there are marketplaces extensions. But do you have some experience? I dont want to test them for this expansive prices.


Re: Let the user add products

Hey @Rudizabudi93,


You are right, you need a marketplace extension. There are plenty of them for Magento (it's a hot trend now) and they all differ both in terms of cost and functionality. There are some that sort of allow users into the backend (for example Unirgy or VnEcoms) but the access has very restricted permissions so I don't think you need to worry.


Also there are some modules that let the user do everything in the front-end interface, for example Webkul (very popular extension, fairly buggy though) and Aaptha.


A while ago we published an article with an overview of these marketplace extensions, maybe it will shed some light on your questions.


By the way they all have demos so you can try. Unirgy do not offer a public access to their demo - you'll have to request it, but it's not a big deal.


Maybe you can find some free modules too - those usually have a very limited functionality, just the basic workflow for the user. But you know, we have tried many options already for various marketplace projects and know some inside outs, and imagine if the $500 modules have bugs then the free of charge stuff can be even worse.


Hope it helps Smiley Happy

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Re: Let the user add products

Hi we are the developer of magent multi vendor marketplace module as per your requirement module  is a complete fit . Still have any query please let us know thanks . 



Re: Let the user add products

Hello @Rudizabudi93


These guys have really awesome Marketplace extension with tremendous features and at cheapest price, with tons of feature.